Minon 氨基酸保濕面膜 Amino Moist Mask

Minon 氨基酸保濕面膜 Amino Moist Mask

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Minon氨基酸保濕面膜Amino Moist Mask
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產地Country of origin : 日本 Japan
產品介紹 Descriptions : 氨基酸保濕面膜的保濕力極高,蘊含健康肌膚不可缺少的9種氨基酸並蘊含低分子化玻尿酸,更適合乾燥的肌膚吸收,保濕。




7. 適用於敏感膚質。
  The amino acid moisturizing mask has extremely high moisturizing power. It contains 9 kinds of amino acids which are indispensable for healthy skin and contains low molecular weight hyaluronic acid. It is more suitable for dry skin to absorb and moisturize.

It also contains amino acid-based ceramide-like ingredients, which have the effect of retaining moisture, improving the skin's original defense function, and protecting the skin from external stimuli.

Moreover, the mask has a strong texture, penetrates into the stratum corneum, makes the skin rich and moist, and is a low-stimulation formula for sensitive muscles and dry muscles with reduced skin defense function.

A moisturizing mask for sensitive skin and dry skin
This product has no fragrance, no coloring, no alcohol, no preservative, no mineral oil, high moisturizing power
1. Let the skin with low moisturizing function penetrate the necessary moisturizing ingredients and moisture mask.
2. High moisturizing power, matching the 9 kinds of amino acids necessary for the skin.
3. Keep the skin's necessary moisture and protect the skin from external irritation.
4. A fiber mask paper that is specially stimulated for sensitive skin.
5. For sensitive skin, dry skin, try to minimize the irritating prescription.
6. No alcohol, no mineral oil prescription
7. Suitable for sensitive skin types.
用法  How to use :  1. 潔面和化妝水後使用,從袋子裡小心取出面膜。面膜材質薄軟,請輕輕展開。
2. 眼睛和嘴對準相應位置,讓面膜緊緊貼合全臉。將袋子裡剩餘的保濕液從面膜上輕輕按壓進皮膚,效果更佳。
3. 大約10~15分鐘後揭掉面膜。用手將臉上殘留的保濕液塗勻按摩吸收。
  1. After cleansing and lotion, carefully remove the mask from the bag. The mask material is soft and soft, please unfold gently.
2. Align the eyes and mouth with the appropriate position so that the mask fits snugly against the entire face. Gently press the remaining moisturizer from the mask onto the skin for better results.
3. Remove the mask after about 10 to 15 minutes. Apply the moisturizing liquid remaining on the face by hand and massage it.