JM SOLUTION蜂蜜水光面膜Honey Luminous Royal Propolis Mask Black

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JM SOLUTION蜂蜜水光面膜Honey Luminous Royal Propolis Mask Black
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產地Country of origin : 韓國 Korea 
產品介紹 Descriptions : JMsolution產品添加玻尿酸幹細胞水光成分。這款面膜的成分很簡單,除了JM系列全部都有的玻尿酸幹細胞水光以外,主要成分就是貴婦級的高濃度黃金蠶絲蛋白和蜂皇漿!蠶絲內含的氮是珍珠的37倍!蠶絲蛋白的保養起源於韓國,用於整容手術後恢復肌膚傷口,是皮膚細胞迅速修復,消除黯淡、延緩衰老。同時這款黃金蠶絲蛋白中含有VC、VE和葡萄籽萃取成分,有利於補充皮膚膠原蛋白、抗氧化。

JM蜂蜜面膜 精華足足有45g,這款蜂蜜面膜除了有玻尿酸水光成分,還添加了綠色、自然、健康、有機的蜂膠與蜂王漿等成分,超多精華,補水保濕,抗皺抗氧化,淡化黑色素。
  JMsolution products add hyaluronic acid stem cell water-light components. The composition of this mask is very simple, in addition to the hyaluronic acid stem cell water all in the JM series, the main ingredients are the high-concentration gold silk protein and royal jelly of the lady-level! The nitrogen contained in the silk is 37 times that of the pearl! The maintenance of silk protein originated in South Korea and is used to restore skin wounds after cosmetic surgery. It is the rapid repair of skin cells, eliminating dullness and delaying aging. At the same time, this golden silk protein contains VC, VE and grape seed extract, which is beneficial to replenish skin collagen and anti-oxidation.

JM Honey Mask Essence is 45g. In addition to hyaluronic acid and water, this honey mask also adds green, natural, healthy and organic propolis and royal jelly. It is super moisturizing, anti-wrinkle and anti-oxidant, and fades melanin. .
用法  How to use :  潔面後使用面膜,從下往上提拉貼敷,10-20分鐘後揭下,無需沖洗,精華拍打至吸收。
  After cleansing, use a mask, lift it from bottom to top, remove it after 10-20 minutes, no need to rinse, the essence beat to absorb.

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