RAY 蠶絲面膜(銀盒) Silver Facial Mask

RAY 蠶絲面膜(銀盒) Silver Facial Mask

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RAY蠶絲面膜(銀盒) Silver Facial Mask
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產地Country of origin : 泰國 Thailand


Descriptions :

  Thailand RAY Company is committed to the development of natural, safe and mild side effects. RAY silk mask is a true pure natural Thai goods, extremely compliant silk, the effect far exceeds the first-line brand.
Silver hydrating, golden anti-wrinkle acne brightening skin!
Silver: cleansing hydrating, rejuvenating wrinkles, shrinking pores, repairing redness after sunburn, brightening skin tone


How to use : 

1)  洗完澡或泡完澡後毛孔張開且肌膚水份充足,這個時候貼面膜吸收最好,能充分把面膜裡的精華補充進皮膚基層。 從而達到皮膚水潤嫩滑的效果。
2)  敷臉時要從下向上提拉貼膜,面膜在貼上的瞬間會有記憶作用,由下向上貼可以讓肌膚更提拉,起到更好的效果。
3)  以人中鼻樑為中心部位,敷上面膜,由內而外將蠶絲面膜紙撫平,推出其中的空氣,外圍部分會超級貼服。
4)  15-20分鐘後,拿下面膜紙按摩幾分鐘促進皮膚二次吸收,再用清水洗淨,擦上爽膚水、乳液或霜鎖住水分。
  1) After the shower or after the bath, the pores are open and the skin is full of moisture. At this time, the mask is best absorbed, and the essence of the mask can be fully added to the skin base. Thereby achieving a smooth and smooth skin.
2) When applying the face, the film should be pulled from the bottom to the top. The mask will have a memory effect at the moment of sticking, and the bottom and upward sticking can make the skin lift more and play a better effect.
3) Take the middle part of the nose as the center and apply the upper film. The silk mask paper will be smoothed from the inside out, and the air will be pushed out. The peripheral part will be super-stick.
4) After 15-20 minutes, massage the mask paper for a few minutes to promote secondary absorption of the skin, then wash with water, rub on toner, lotion or cream to lock in moisture.