Utena膠原蛋白黃金保濕面膜Puresa Premium Puresa Golden Jelly Mask CO

Utena膠原蛋白黃金保濕面膜Puresa Premium Puresa Golden Jelly Mask CO

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Utena膠原蛋白黃金保濕面膜Puresa Premium Puresa Golden Jelly Mask CO
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日本 Japan
產品介紹 Descriptions : 日本 Utena 膠原蛋白黃金保濕面膜,剪裁服貼無縫隙!潤澤柔軟包覆全臉,緊貼鼻翼兩側、眼周及下巴肌膚。含蜂王乳、大豆異黃酮、蝦紅素成份,導入深層角質,使肌膚飽水潤澤。超細小分子易吸收,清爽無黏膩感。還有收縮毛孔的效果。

  Japan Utena Collagen Gold Moisturizing Mask, tailored with no gaps! Moisturizing and soft covering the entire face, close to the sides of the nose, eye area and chin skin. Contains royal jelly, soy isoflavones, and astaxanthin, which are introduced into deep keratin to make skin moisturized. Ultra-fine molecules are easy to absorb, refreshing and non-sticky. There is also the effect of shrinking pores.

3 designed mask cutting
The nose of the face is generally difficult to fit, and the nose is very tightly fitted. The high degree of adhesion of the mask paper ensures that the cosmetic liquid penetrates into the stratum corneum and achieves an effective effect of deep penetration.

NANO beauty lotion
The particles are fine and can penetrate the outer layer of the skin to the dermis without any hindrance. Shrink pores, elastic moisturizing, enhanced lubricity, elastic skin repair, luster and elasticity.

Each tablet contains 30ml of beauty lotion
The high-content beauty liquid such as bee milk extract + astaxanthin + soy extract + protein fiber guides the skin's keratin metabolism, so that the skin is elastic and the gloss is restored.
用法  How to use :  在使用完化妝水之後取出面膜並展開,把面膜貼合正確的部位
  After using the lotion, remove the mask and unfold it, and apply the mask to the correct part.
Take off after 20-30 minutes
Proper massage to promote the remaining essence of the face to better absorb into the skin